About Shelter Buddy® Software

Shelter Buddy® Software was developed by RSPCA Queensland – Australia’s leading Non-Profit Animal Welfare Organization.

RSPCA Queensland cares for over 42,000 animals per year; we operate 9 shelters throughout the state, employ 240 staff and manage over 2000 volunteers.

Like many shelters, we too suffered the burden of an outdated and cumbersome database system. Our operational requirements had well and truly outgrown our software – it was time to modernize. Extensive research was carried out both domestically and internationally to find an effective database solution. The results fell short of our expectations – many of the available products were far too exorbitantly priced others appeared to have been developed for everything but a Shelter! The decision was made to combine the industry expertise of Australia’s 2 largest Animal Welfare Organizations and develop the database solution for the Animal Care and Welfare Industry.

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