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One centralized, streamlined record for each animal!

Centralized Animal Record Management - Shelter Buddy features streamlined, centralized records for each animal, recording everything from vet treatment received or due and their physical whereabouts in the shelter.

Shelter Buddy removes the need for separate databases for each department, with password access protecting different screens.

Physical Details: Description, breed, age and includes a digital image of the animal.
Status: Is an animal available for adoption, lost, in foster care, awaiting surgery?
Veterinary History: Has the animal been spayed/neutered, vaccinated or wormed? Is it due for vaccination and does it have special medical needs?
Temperament Assessment: A step-by-step process for rating an animal's temperament and recording behavior information from former owners.

Shelter Buddy's unique data log system also means you can identify the network user to see when changes to particular records were made.

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Matching homeless pets with new homes ..

With the purchase of the optional public access site there is a Website Adoptions Auto-Link - Shelter Buddy automatically uploads photo and details of all animals ready for adoption to your website!

When an animal is 'Available for Adoption' in your database, it will immediately appear on your site for potential owners to see. After adoption, change the animal's status to 'Adopted' and it will be automatically removed from your site. Changes are live to your website meaning your website Adoption section is always up-to-date.

Shelter Buddy also offers real time, automatic links to and Petfinder for your Adoption Animals – no more time consuming, manual uploading and updating!

“Previously, our website adoption section was manually updated twice weekly, which meant a lot of people were visiting or calling the shelter about animals adopted days earlier - Shelter Buddy has solved that problem!” - Shelter Manager, Queensland.

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Reuniting pets and owners…

The optional Lost and Found Website Auto-Link - Shelter Buddy incorporates a live Lost and Found service that the public can access via your website.

Like the Adoption Auto-Link, any animal entered into the system with status 'Lost' automatically appears in the Lost section, just as any animal called in as found is automatically popped up onto the site live. Members of the public who find or lose animals can also enter details of the animal directly onto the site and print out a unique lost or found poster.

“People's descriptions of animals lost and found rarely match, especially with cross-breeds so having photos on the site has really helped us identify match animals with their owners.” - Lost and Found Operator, Queensland.

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Cruelty Complaint Investigation

Shelter Buddy will trace reports of animal cruelty from the Initial Complaint right through to the Investigation, Prosecution and final Court Details. This module will alert Inspectors of Complaint histories and advise of any potential threats of violence. Critical complaints can be taken via your Call Center and dispatched to a Humane officer within minutes.

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Throw away your calculator!!

Easy Report Facilities - No more painstaking adding up of numbers of animals adopted during a particular week, or animals dumped at Christmas, or reclaimed in March. With the press of a button, Shelter Buddy creates effortless reports, telling you at a glance how many animals were adopted in the month of January, total animals arriving at the shelter in one year and numbers of animal's spayed/neutered or vaccinated in the same period. A great tool for Annual Report time or any report time!

“Whether I'm writing funding applications or media releases, Shelter Buddy provides me with quick, relevant and reliable statistics every time.” - Marketing Officer, Queensland.

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Tapping into your best fundraising prospects….

Fundraising Capabilities - Shelter Buddy allows you to create fundraising prospect lists while going about your daily housekeeping tasks.

Shelter Buddy provides a comprehensive record system for details of people accessing your shelter to adopt animals or through your lost and found service people who have the best possible reason to financially support your shelter! Flagging the correct box while entering their details will ensure Shelter Buddy includes them on your next fundraising mail out. (Shelter Buddy can be customized to address local privacy laws.)

Shelter Buddy can also manage your existing supporter details, creating all-inclusive donor records showing everything from total donation history to pledges, bequests and animals bequeathed to the organization.

“Our donors are really responding to the more targeted, personal approach Shelter Buddy makes possible.” - Fundraising Officer

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Avoiding costly mistakes….

Drop-Down Lists - In animal shelters, human error in data entry can have tragic consequences.

A simple mistake entering AIRDALE instead of AIREDALE could lead to matches being missed and heartache for pet owners and your shelter.

Shelter Buddy incorporates a series of drop-down lists that limit the chance of human error. Lists range from total cat and dog breed lists to colors and status lists.

You can add your own customized lists, from town names to zip codes to status codes relevant to your shelter. Changes to drop-down lists are available to the network administrator by password access.

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Use with Existing Software

Shelter Buddy is designed to be compatible with your current accounting and point of sale software, so you don't have to change systems! Your account details and ledger codes can be entered in the receipting module and Shelter Buddy can provide the relevant reports for exporting into your accounts package.

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